Need a City of Austin ECAD Energy Audit? Looking to save money on your energy bills? Advanced Energy Solutions is committed to helping Central Texas homeowners reduce their energy consumption.  Let one of our BPI certified  auditors help lead you and your home to a greener  future.

Why do you need an AES Energy Audit?

AES can save you money.

Many homes lose costly conditioned air through leaky doors, windows, walls and inadequate attic insulation.  Proper weatherization and sealing can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%! The average home in Austin leaks 27% of its costly conditioned air into the attic through leaks in the duct system. This inefficiency can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Our BPI certified energy specialists perform a detailed diagnostic and visual inspection of your home’s climate control systems. Performing an energy audit will help identify issues within the home that can be solved to improve energy efficiency and save you money.

AES can help you identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Energy efficiency is essential to the future of our city, country and planet. It is needed to maximize our finances, reduce our carbon footprint and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Energy efficiency begins at home. A professional energy audit can identify opportunities to reduce energy waste such as: air duct leakage, poor weather stripping, inadequate insulation, caulking, sealing and more. We will also make you aware of Home Efficiency Incentives from Austin Energy, Texas Gas Service and the Federal government.

AES can perform a mandatory City of Austin Energy Audit.

Effective June 1, 2009, a city of Austin ordinance requires homes within the city limits, 10 years or older, that receive services from Austin Energy and are on the market for sale, to have an ECAD (Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure) audit completed by a certified auditor prior to the property being closed and sold. AES is a registered company with Austin Energy our technicians are BPI certified.

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